Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy

AAt Vecsi PT, our goal is to make you a more informed partner in your rehabilitation. We give you the tools to resolve your current limitations by identifying why it happened and how to prevent it from happening again. Through a thorough biomechanical assessment of your body, we at Vecsi P.T. will identify the “weak spots” that may be contributing to your condition. We look at the entire body as a whole, because we don’t move in isolation.


Why Vecsi PT?

With 15 years of orthopedic and sports P.T. experience, we’ve found that manual-based, 1-on-1 treatment sessions provide the best outcomes. This is the only way we treat patients. Because YOU deserve it. With hour-long, 1-on-1 patient to therapist interaction, you will not be passed off to an aide or assistant, nor left unsupervised during your exercises. We monitor your progress and treat each session as a “mini-evaluation”, adjusting your program to maximize your healing.

Our Facility

Located within a 5,500 sq ft state-of-the-art Pilates studio, centrally located between Grand Central Station and Times Square, we provide the latest equipment to return you to peak form. CoreAlign, developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman, achieves body symmetry by targeting deep, stabilizing muscles which are most affected by injury through a series of closed-chain movements to improve functionality. You’ll be able to see progress from one session to the next.
Redcord (shown below) incorporates a series of body-weight exercises to improve joint stability, core strength and neuromuscular efficiency and teaches you how to move the body as a whole, all the while focusing on the weakest part. This versatile machine can provide assistance or resistance depending on your needs.